Logistics Manager

Logistics Manager – Analyze, develop and implement supply chain operations and management processes and systems using logistics methodologies, supply chain management and strategy; Conduct inventory control analysis using inventory control procedures and models; Develop and implement control procedures and logistics networks applying network and supply chain logistics models; Coordinate and develop domestic and international logistics, warehousing, and operation strategies using Strategic and SWOT Analysis Planning, Analysis of Business Operations; Responsible for the entire life-cycle of products to ensure production flow, quality assurance, and timely delivery of products towards the market and E-Business; Ensure delivery and set up of contracted equipments and materials to meet manufacturing schedules in project management.


Must have a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Operations Research, or Business Administration plus skills and knowledge in supply chain management and strategy, network and supply chain logistics models, inventory control, E-Business, Analysis of Business Operations, Project Management.


Job location: Anaheim, CA. Submit résumé referencing job code KAX001 to HR, Jiaherb, Inc., 1 Chapin Road, Unit 1, Pine Brook, NJ 07058.